Bravery of the much maligned

 There is no throwaway
 Only moved to another place 
Things caught, bought, made 
 The mess we make
 That floats and sails to the lands beyond 
That flies with the wind and is never gone 
 Specks, dots, flecks
 Not leaving us alone
 Following in our bodies now their new home 
 Enlightened but helpless
 What to do
 Changing costs, losses unprepared to lose 
 Technology our saviour
 So we can stay the same
 Deluded into thinking we can be unchanged 
 Values alter
 Emphasis on something else
 What is this new world we must make for ourselves 
 Learning from before
 But using what’s known now 
Growing into adulthood somehow 
 Fortune is a state or perspective
 Altered eyes accept the previously rejected 
Unconvinced cynics deeply dejected 
 Hope and dreams to be realised 
Stepping forwards
 Bravery of the much maligned 
 Immune and ready to be criticised 
Hands dirty, brow sweating 
Unmoved at being pushed aside 
 Finding purpose an attractive prospect 
In achieving Humanity’s goal 
Happiness as a side effect