In front of a mirror once more

 Breathing in
 No hesitation
 Open eyes lights blinding
 It’s time, no need for invitation
 Practice over now time to give
 Soon its over alone and now dismissed
 Empty room
 Glasses clinking nearby sounds
 Alone now just want home now
 The list ahead is long
 Heading to a new town
 Another city
 A full room hall space
 Like a repeat of yesterday
 But nothing, no day is ever the same
 Random encounters
 Random names
 Shared smiles in photographs
 The instant gone once turned away
 Sleep is luxury
 Of that so few successes
 In front of a mirror once more
 Getting ready
 Splendid dressed
 With arranged tresses
 Repeat. Pause. Repeat
 A day for nothing
 No plane no train no car no wheels
 Awaken same place fell asleep in
 Without jolts brakes turns constant moving
 No snores laughing banging
 A different feeling
 Simple pleasures
 Clean linen hot bath
 The indulgence of peaceful dreaming
 Walking the streets without destination 
 Curiosity inspiring direction
 Stopping here then there
 Choosing somewhere with strategic seating 
 Observing strangers as they pass
 Savouring the moments of freedom
 Never lasting time to leave approaching too fast 
 Few aware of what we speak
 Readying the mind
 Preparing the hands
 The drug performance the ecstasy
 Stepping out always in motion
 Mind body never still 
 In front of a mirror once more 
 Always in flow harmonious devotion 
 A life spent in support
 Nothing that can be taught
 Only learned through dedication 
 Survival of life on the road 
 Music the salvation 

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