This look is not for show

 Noises from the boat long abandoned 
 Looking in and see an old man
 Exposed pleasure on his face
 Shouting kids all around the place 
 Without a chase just freaked out fun 
 Needed no excuse a proper reason to run
 Would you like a fig roll?
 Shuddering backing out and saying no
 “You look good in those jeans”
 They fit right I like them is that what he means?
 Won’t let me pass
 I can’t breathe
 He touched my body
 Ran away got home then released my screams
 Music joy carnival
 Wait - was that deliberately intentional? 
 Did he really try to meet my gaze
 To add to the excitement of his day?
 The tube the bus the train
 Not my imaginings it’s all a game
 Dodge assess work out where’s safe
 Should l just walk instead and risk being late?
 When will you turn
 When does happen the switch
 When you go from being called darlin’ 
 To stupid bitch
 So before I was too young
 But now it’s time for me to learn 
 And how to set the tone
 Is to gain my trust offer tea
 And stick on a bit of porn?
 The after hours fun
 Not fun anymore
 You knew what would happen 
 What else were you there for?
 A Pool table
 A private lounge 
 A selected room 
 Padded walls 
 No sound
 Lucky escape
 Always escape
 Never knowing next time
 Which one of them the least to trust
 On guard
 Always on guard
 Until the steel settles in the eyes 
 Then it becomes known
 Don’t even try

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