Forever the Child

The ruined Child
Setting the tone of our value system
Rules condemnations
Exclusions & denied resistance
Conformity justified by definition as ‘a game’ 
It’s no play a life defined by rage 
Misdirected want and unfulfilled greed 
Worth not reflected by the
beauty of what we could achieve 
Rules most oft broken by the rule setters      Contradictions undermining & upsetting
the foundations shaking upon which their house stands 
A constant swirl of shifting sands
Abuse of the power that lies in immature hands Immediacy satiation with no future plan 
Tone began at the stage of emergence
Unstable beginning balance fighting constant disturbance 
Askew off-center, skewwhiff
 Floating untethered & cast adrift
 Exposure to elements of eternal confusion
 S’posed to navigate with no guide
 Ruined instincts cause most to float with the tide 
 Left right progressives forward thinking 
Backwards travelling if compassion shrinking 
No foes just combatants in Egowar
Taught at birth it’s Me you fight for
 Me me me
 Related to, rationalised
 Always justified
 Forgetting never learning
 Forever the Child 


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