Music Tuition, Workshops & Masterclasses

Bass lessons and/or musicianship sessions for all instrumentalists of any level.

Since the 1990’s I have been teaching bass or music classes for children and adults.

As a professional musician of 30+ years, I recognise a rarely served area of knowledge for many musicians, whether recent graduates, professional players, band members, or casual learners. Effective methods about how to learn, practice or improve are sought and it can be a frustrating experience when improvement is hard to see.

There are many pathways to improving as a player, whatever instrument you play. What is missing is applicational knowledge based on sensitivity, nuance, listening and interpretation with a focus on taste development. After exploring the mechanics of how to play and where to put your fingers – what comes next?

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For bassists, I will aid you in improving your technique with specific bass-player-related sessions as needed. Often people come to me after having had lessons still finding they haven’t improved in problem areas, although their knowledge of harmony or styles may have improved, their bass playing still doesn’t translate into becoming the bass player they want to be.

Identifying your specific problem areas will allow me to tailor your lessons to you as an individual. This is also a process of your own self-discovery. Initially, I will identify what I perceive are areas we can focus on together – usually based around:

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The 5 Ts





And the often neglected…

Dynamics & Listening

I work on helping you with HOW to improve across all disciplines.

How to apply what you learn.


Discover pathways for your specific individual development.

Structured and organised practice sessions.

and for those who seek this specific skill….

Learn how to sing and play bass simultaneously!

Learning what methods other people use to communicate their musicial expression is a useful resource, but learning how to tap into your own unique and individual voice is one of the most rewarding ways to be a musician.

In a series of one-to-one sessions online or in-person, we will explore the pathway to develop how and what you have to say musically.

Masterclasses & workshops

Alongside session work and private teaching, I have also been invited to hold masterclasses and workshops at various schools and colleges.

Trinity Laban Conservatoire, Royal College of Music Manchester, Goldsmiths University, BIMM Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, Dublin, London, ELAM, ICMP (The Institute), London College of Contemporary Music (LCCM).

Also performing for guitar bass and amps leader Fender and others at music conventions and tradeshows: winter NAMM in Anaheim USA, the UK Bass show, and the Musikmesse in Frankfurt.

At the Musikmesse in Frankfurt
Performing at the Namm show Anaheim USA

For workshops, my style is interactive: A performance demonstration often comes with an invitation for volunteers to join me.

I hold the sessions solo or with a drummer.
Project pH drummer Nico Py will accompany me in a solid rhythm section duo.
We demonstrate rhythmic development and placement, exercises to internalise 16th note divisions, utilising dynamics and various styles, including navigating odd time signatures and everything else BASS & DRUMS.

Masterclass performance topics and discussion.

  • Introduction – history, background, career pathway and achievements
  • Demonstration
  • Rhythmic timing and feel
  • Performance examples and interaction
  • Musicianship
  • Industry advice with important anecdotal lessons
  • Running a band
  • Making an album
  • Booking gigs
  • Tools and Techniques – endorsements and self-sufficiency
  • Q&A/Discussion